CONTACT:   Lyle Morris

MOBILE:   0407 968 232

CHURCH PHONE | FAX:   07 4745 1212 | 07 4745 1610

STREET ADDRESS:   46 Dutton St, Normanton QLD 4890

POSTAL ADDRESS:   P.O. Box 42, Normanton QLD 4890


“There is a real opportunity for a great and worthwhile work.” 1 Corinthians 16:9a (Good News Bible)

Normanton is located in the heart of Queensland’s Gulf Country. The ministry extends into Cape York Peninsula, across the Gulf Country to the N.T. and down to Mt. Isa.

There is a strong Community based programme. The Christian Centre has a regular Church programme, Sunday Schools and visitation to the Aged Persons facility and hospital. Large numbers attend the Children’s programs – or just ‘drop in’ to the facility there.

The chaplaincy programme at the school is a valuable point of contact and ministry with the children.

The Centre is often a ‘safe place’ for persons experiencing difficulties, needing support, or just someone to talk to.

Normanton tri-annually hosts the Northern Aboriginal Christian Convention. 200-300 people camp ‘out bush’ to study God’s Word, enjoy the Christian fellowship and to encourage one another.