During NAIDOC week the children of the Logan Aboriginal Community Centre who attend Grove Christian College, and their parents and friends, created, painted and presented this mural to their school. The Mural, which means ‘Story Picture’, represents God’s Word in a ‘nutshell’, created on 2 metres of canvas.


The Story

In the beginning was GOD – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – three persons but one. (Indicated by the linking ‘arcs’ which represent people in Aboriginal art.)

In the beginning God made everything – sea creatures, land creatures, and mankind. God made everything in abundance and it was good! God and mankind had direct fellowship (straight line) and it was good!

REBELLION (upper right)
However, the direct fellowship between God and man was spoiled because of man’s sin and rebellion. (Note: wavy line for broken fellowship, ‘people arcs’ have turned their backs to God.)

RECONCILIATION (bottom left)
God calls his children to walk on now to fellowship with other Christians, to learn and grow. It is now possible for men and women of all cultures to be reconciled. But mankind must first be reconciled to God before they can be reconciled with each other. This is when there can be unity.

RESTORATION (bottom right)
God still loved and wanted fellowship with mankind. The only way the fellowship could be restored was for God to send His only Son Jesus to earth, to die on the cross as the sin sacrifice so sin could be forgiven. Man is called to come (walking footsteps) from his sin and rebellion, to the cross, be cleansed through the blood of Christ and restored to God. Although the way is possible not all come back to God. (Note: people arcs are not all facing God, some are still rebellious and turned away from God.)