CONTACT:  Hazel Lauridsen

PHONE:   07 4749 1307

STREET ADDRESS:   7 Ann St, Mt.Isa QLD 4825

POSTAL ADDRESS:   P.O. Box 1861, Mt.Isa QLD 4825


To quote a promo “Mt Isa is the largest city in the world!” (boundary area of City Council that is)!!

Mt Isa is a growing mining city in the beautiful red/ochre tones of the sandstone ranges of North West Qld. This “Oasis of the Outback” is 1,829 Kms from Brisbane and is a changing and a thriving Community of approx. 23,500 residents. Mt Isa is developing as a major service centre for North West Qld.

An ideal property is being purchased for $80,000 by the AICF from the Churches of Christ to establish an Outreach and Ministry Centre

This is a unique Ministry Centre where different groups of Aboriginal people from the N.T., & Far Nth Q’ld can meet together to share fellowship, Bible Study & support. Other combined meetings give opportunity for the people to gather together as whole for witness, teaching, and fellowship.

The Centre is meeting another need – providing emergency care and accommodation for families in times of crisis or brought to Mt Isa for medical, business appointment, in transit etc.

Hazel Lauridsen is using the Centre as a ‘home base’ for the Mobile Christian Bookshop. Regular trips are made to the N.T. and to the Aboriginal Conventions where people rejoice to have the opportunity to purchase Christian resources such as Bibles, books, CDs videos, DVDs and Bible quiz books. At a recent convention over $8,000 of Christian resources were sold! What a ministry!